independent music momma

4 Jul

i did something pretty “american” today. i decided to go visit my parents for the weekend which means roadtrip! i really do love to drive in the summer time. the landscape is so beautiful. fields and moutains and wandering horses. spontaneous summer rain storms and of course road trip music. on my way home i listened to bon iver’s new album over and over again. there is something magical about driving, it’s almost like meditating. the hours sort of slip away and you are left with only your thoughts. and let’s be honest, sometimes our thoughts are not the best company. but halocene- arguably the best song on the album, simply unraveled in my mind and allowed for a serene moment with myself. music as freeing and beautiful as anything else i’ve experienced.  all that in a four hour drive.

and yes, i know he’s not technically a music “momma” but i think he could hang just fine with the ladies!

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