Why would anybody want to invent a weapon?

24 Jul

there sure was a lot of sadness this weekend. i’m horrified by the tragedy in norway.

and my heart hurts for the family of amy winehouse.

this blog is a space for me to express some thoughts on sexuality, or more specifically my sexuality. i like to keep it fairly light usually and i realize that the whole world doesn’t revolve around sex or sexual orientation. but i also know that addiction and extremism are often the result of unresolved pain and misunderstanding. i’m not making any excuses for those who intentionally take the lives of others- to be clear. but i feel sad for the victims of the lives that were lost over the weekend. and i feel confused about those who were involved in taking those lives. it’s hard to think about because it’s hate. and hate is the catalyst for self destruction, murder, homophobia and all those other ugly things in the world. i suppose my blog is not just a place for me to write about sexuality, it’s also a place for me to think about the things that make me, me. i’m proud to say that love is very much a part of me.

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