14 Aug

sometimes when i look at searches people have entered to get to this blog there is this one سحاق

i googled it. apparently it means lesbian in arabic. according to the all knowing and all wise google search. so yeah, really i have no idea, but it always fascinates me when i see a language that is entirely unreadable to me. you know french, spanish, etc but different alphabets, woa! that’s intense.

i wonder what the face of an arabic lesbian looks like.


well that didn’t help much. maybe? just sayin.

you know, sometimes i think i have it hard. i guess i really don’t. i was raised in a pretty strict religion, but…. garments got nothin’ on burqas! in all of my research i just did, in the past 30 seconds, i did find this interesting place: Bekhsoos which is:

Bekhsoos is a queer Arab magazine published weekly by queer and trans folks at Meem. We cover topics related to (homo)sexuality in the Arab world.

Our objective is to fill the gap of lesbian- and transgender-produced writing in the Arab world through articles, reports, investigations, personal stories, opinion pieces, and creative writing. We believe in the incredible wealth of LBQ women’s and transgenders’ stories and experiences out there that have not yet been put forth enough online or in print.There is much mystery that surrounds the Arab queer identity. We’re here to peak our minds and tell our stories.We must write.

Yes! let’s all keep writing, shall we?!


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