So, my Pretty-Pretty, we meet again.

6 Sep

man i have been thinking about this blog for quite awhile. i had to take a (an?) hiatus i guess. sort of how like the french go on holiday for the last part of the summer? yeah like that. i just needed to collect my thoughts and get right again. shit was getting too personal! you know? i just had to back it up and get organized. so kittens, to keep you abreast basically this is what has been going on: barbie had to shut out the external stimuli and get real with the internal. so a funeral happened. that sucked. a flirtation blossomed and then squashed pretty quickly. a good thing. and some serious closure occurred. a great thing. to celebrate emotional progress i decided to chop chop my hair. a word about this. for some reason (well several) i stopped cutting my hair about 4 years ago. i wanted to grow it out and have long locks. well to be perfectly honest i was avoiding some internal homophobia. who knew hair could be so emotional? actually rose weitz knows a little something about this. she wrote an interesting book titled, Rapunzel’s Daughters: What Women’s Hair Tells Us About Women’s Lives. weitz was actually one of my professors in my undergrad years. i don’t think i fully appreciated her then, in my ultra conservative early 20s. i had this moment when i looked in the mirror after the cut was complete, where i saw myself again. like me. ME. this person that was missing. this woman who i didn’t even realize had been on, well a hiatus of her own, i suppose. as if growing out my hair was this protection. protection against being accused of being gay or too gay. stereotypical. when i chopped my hair this weekend i feel like i got rid of all this shit i had been holding onto for way too long. and i missed me. and i was so glad to see me again. it was so healing. so here i am world. barbie is back. word to the wise, get the fuck out of my way.

a couple of inspirational haircuts:


ginnifer goodwin (lookin good mama!)

michelle williams

One Response to “So, my Pretty-Pretty, we meet again.”

  1. Janelle September 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    This made me cry. Beautiful.

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