About Me Life Update

i moved and i let the sun in a little bit more, therefore i have more freckles. so now i live in a state where the sun shines all the time and sometimes, well to be honest, sometimes it’s a little depressing.  other times it’s just sunny. i live in a city that is a bubble. this bubble is a little bit liberal, a little bit hypocritical and a whole lot of fake, but it’s also kind of intriguing and powerful.  one must remember not to get mesmerized by the swaying palm trees outside. one must remember to wear sunscreen. the recession took a special interest in me and so i am not doing what i consider my life’s work. let’s say i’m on a hiatus. so for now i work in television because it pays the bills and although it is not my passion i am enjoying what i do. when i am not working i can be caught with a book in hand. i will read most anything even if it’s awful. i also love to talk about sexuality. hence the blog. and i like to read about sexuality too. it’s fun and liberating, so i feel like i’m really multi-tasking when i write this blog. and let’s be honest, when i can cross off things on my list i just feel like a better person.

One Response to “About Me Life Update”

  1. daisy kitten January 8, 2010 at 7:31 am #

    have you read anything by kate chopin?

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