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music mommas

10 Aug

last summer, i think it was last summer- time is weird.  anyway i was sitting in the basement watching SWAROVSKI Cyrstals Rock on Bravo (my favorite gay station) and i’m enjoying the celebrity train wreck line up, when suddenly miss beth ditto comes out on stage. god that woman is amazing. she is my hero. she is my hero because she is unabashed about her ability and desire to rock out, sweat, dance, scream, swear and wear whatever she wants even if that means wearing very little. i love her.


and look how cute her drummer is!
Gossip_Couch1_300dpiher name is hannah billie, which is lovely- just another group shot:

Gossip_Curtain1_300dpiand who’s not afraid to be naked?love-beth-ditto-jpg

sleeping around

29 Jul


alright i know the megan fox statement is old news and she’s bisexual and all that. yes she’s super hot and she has also said some real curious stuff. and that magazine spread in esquire was a little weird i thought, but whatever.  ploy or not i don’t really care, usually i just like it when sexuality is being talked about. so this is what she said:

I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. But I’m also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man.

well, well, well look at that.  i have to admit i love this so very much. i get how this could offend some people and i get that she is a little brash (check out other fun things she has said, especially about passing gas).  but here’s the thing. she said it. i’ve been too scared to say it and i am merely an anonymous blogger.  so i say cheers! to megan fox, she’s brave or brutally honest or something and something is alright with me.

i don’t want to sleep with straight girls because they are 1) straight and 2) sleep with men.

i don’t love the idea of sleeping with bisexual women either because 1) they sleep with men.

i don’t love the idea of sleeping with bisexual men because 1) they sleep with men 2) i’m not sure i sleep with men

i don’t want to sleep with gay guys because 1) they are gay and 2) they sleep with men 3) i know i don’t sleep with gay men.

when X had informed me she had slept with her x (husband, that is) it totally freaked me out on many levels, because why did she really feel she needed to inform me of that and also why did i go ahead and listen and act like i was sort of okay with it cause let’s be real, i wasn’t.  anyway after X told me that over the phone i remember turning to my friend who was in the car with me and saying, “well that does it, i will never sleep with her again. it was bad enough that she was sleeping with all sorts of women, but men-that’s a different story.” the end.

oh and there are all sorts of sexy shots of megan fox floating around, but i chose the one above because i am a huge fan of crappy, disney teenage movies- this one is actually a fave- confessions of a teenage drama queen. bonus! it stars lindsay lohan! go ahead and judge i know you have some terrible movies in your netflix queue.

he-she and all that sexist language

8 Apr

I was listening to Morning Edition the other day and they ran this piece called, Shakespeare Had Roses All Wrong. Essentially, it’s about how some languages use feminine and masculine nouns- in a way it’s a descriptive noun.  For example die brucke is bridge in German.  It is a feminine noun and elicits other “feminine” descriptive terms like slender, elegant, and beautiful.  Whereas in Spanish the word for bridge is el puente, which is a masculine noun so when spoken immediately it elicits other typically “masculine” words, like strong, big and sturdy.  We don’t have this type of grammar in English, although we do often assign a sex to an object- like cars or electronics, we name them and we treat them accordingly.  It’s fascinating really how different cultures assign different meanings to different words. (phew! lots of differences in that sentence).  And then here’s something really different!  Some languages don’t even have pronouns.  For example, Estonian- there is no he or she.  That’s right in Estonian you don’t say “her car” or “his house” you would say “tema” or “he/she/it’s” car.  It’s kind of nice because it certainly simplifies things and also it demystifies objects.  Now the program really didn’t get into this, but I couldn’t help but think about language in terms of sexuality.  I can only speak from an American perspective, but we are constantly objectifying things and defining things in terms of sex, both masculine and feminine even without the “descriptive” noun affiliation.  i am a woman that questions my sexuality, not my sex or my gender, but i know many people that do and sometimes language can be so damaging. it brings up a lot of quetions about the language we use even within the gay community, like “gender queer”, transgender, bisexual- these words and others carry a lot of meaning.  we are constantly trying to define things, label them, organize, compartmentalize and so on.  what if the bridge is not a girl? what if the bridge is not a boy? what if the bridge just IS? what if? well maybe it’s not about bridges, maybe it’s about flowers. turmericdrawing

TANGENT ALERT:  biologically speaking, if i can remember back to my undergrad years, some flowers are bisexual and sometimes “bisexual flowers” are referred to as perfect flowers meaning they have both female and male reproductive systems, like a lily or a rose. hmmm…..maybe shakespeare really did have roses all wrong!

i always paint my own reality

28 Mar

oh frida- my favorite bi-sexual of all time.  check out this little dykefrida-kahlo-class. she was her father’s favorite and her father had no sons- so she sort of took on that role, she even went to school dressed as a boy and kept her hair short until her young adulthood.  (rather brave in a suburb of Mexico City in the early 20th century) she eventually met diego, who cheated on her incessantly.  she began to take her own lovers. men and women.  frida was oftentimes open and public about her sex life with her numerous partners. her short life was oftentimes filled with tragedy, but she always painted beauty.  beauty that was non-traditional, beauty that was self revealing, beauty that encompassed at all times her own reality and her own pain.  after her death, diego reportedly stated that he had realized too late that the most wonderful part of his life had been his love for her.