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fridays are fucking fabulous

8 Jan

because it’s the first week into the new year and the first year in my 30s. i’m officially in my 30s.  a couple of weeks ago i was driving around town with a friend looking at christmas lights when quite unexpectedly, i freaked the fuck out.  pretty sure i scared him a little, but let’s be honest, i have been known to bust out in fits of tears now and again.  sometimes time comes crushing down on me and for the past few months i have had this weight on my shoulders.  how quickly it slips by and i have just barely, literally within weeks, figured out pieces about myself that seem very important.  so here we are in the car driving around homes with fancy christmas lights and no doubt high electricity bills when i blurt out how uncomfortable i am with my upcoming birthday. it’s like i am having a delayed adolescence and it’s scary to be the one that is late in the game. but then my birthday came and went and i’m happy to report i am o.k. i stumbled upon this lovely quote:

One of the signs of passing youth is the birth of a sense of fellowship with other human beings as we take our place among them– Virginia Woolf

and isn’t that so true?  i’ve always enjoyed getting older, learning more, loving more and finding my place and now more then ever i can embrace my place in time. in my 30s.

besides i share my sign with a lot of other great capicorns!  Patti Smith, Tracy Ullman, Simone de Beauvoir, Joan Baez, Joan of Arc, Ethel Merman and my very favorite- Dolly Parton.

Let’s talk about dolls

23 Mar

I have this memory of being a little girl.  I must have been about 4 years old.  We lived in Tempe, AZ and we had that brown shag like carpet that everyone had in the 80s, with the sort of swirl pattern in it (all of my memories of being a kid in Tempe are brown). My dad had a bunch of country records, but my favorite, my very favorite was Dolly.  To me she was the most beautiful woman in the world and even then at my young age I knew she was a bit of a freak show and that made me love her even more.   Anyway I would sit on that weird carpet and put in her records and dance and sing and twirl.  I especially loved the duet with Kenny Rogers.  Dollywood is on my to-do list, but I’m having a hard time finding anyone in my social circle that appreciates her as much as I do, which is confusing and hurtful to me.  She is like an angel.  You know how sometimes you grow up and your angels turn out to be hurtful demons that are part of instituting practices and laws that hurt others?  Yes, well Dolly is still an angel.  From Larry King Live in 2007 in response to her large gay following: “I think it’s great when people accept themselves for exactly who they are and accept other people. I think that’s the key to happiness and success. It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you do that really good. We’re all God’s children. He loves us all the same. We have to learn to love each other and ourselves a little better.” When asked her opinion of gay marriage, Dolly said jokingly, “gay people should have the right to be as miserable as married straight people are.” oh that precious doll.