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funny ladies

24 Mar

there is nothing i love more than a funny lady.  god bless them every one.  i used to work on a television show which was dominated by male writers (like all television shows).  i was not a writer, by the way, but on more then one occasion i had male coworkers come up to me and tell me that I was funny for a girl.  and when i gave them that look that said, what the fuck did you just say to me? they pandered and usually replied with, no i’m serious.  you are really funny, like funnier then most women.  oh and they meant it.  they truly thought they were complimenting me.  as if i was going to be like, oh my god! coming from a superior sex that is at all times more capable of being funny because it’s something you are born with, you know, like a penis- so yes! yes! thank you for accepting me!  thank you for thinking i was funny. god.  so here is a shout out to some of my heroines.  funny, funny ladies.  to start: my all time idols, the ever untouchable and notoriously naughty, french and saunders.  first of all, they are english- which is just funny anyway.  my first introduction to absolutely fabulous was when i was in high school.  thank god BBC America ran AbFab at like three in the morning or whenever it was we were done with our teenage debauchery.  i can honestly say that show changed me, the wit in which they made fun of mainstream pop culture and how women constantly conform to ridiculous ideas was in a word, genius.  if you have a chance check out Absolutely Fabulous, Gay.  Patsy and Eddy in an odd twist of fate get married by Whoopie Goldberg on a trip to New York during Fashion Week.  absolutely_fabulous_image_jennifer_saunders_joanna_lumley__6_abfab1