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fridays are fucking fabulous

29 Jan

often my weekends and my fridays in particular consist of mexican food. tonight will not be the exception. thank god. my love for mexican food is a passionate, delicious one and all the better when shared with friends venturing in from out of town.

and for your fancy, here are some gorgeous mexican ladies:
remember when salma played frida? that was amazing.

and you know how i feel about frida:

dolores del rio- who was friends with both greta garbo and marlene dietrich. just sayin.

michelle rodriguez, i know, i know she’s says she straight, fine. cool, whatever.

i always paint my own reality

28 Mar

oh frida- my favorite bi-sexual of all time.  check out this little dykefrida-kahlo-class. she was her father’s favorite and her father had no sons- so she sort of took on that role, she even went to school dressed as a boy and kept her hair short until her young adulthood.  (rather brave in a suburb of Mexico City in the early 20th century) she eventually met diego, who cheated on her incessantly.  she began to take her own lovers. men and women.  frida was oftentimes open and public about her sex life with her numerous partners. her short life was oftentimes filled with tragedy, but she always painted beauty.  beauty that was non-traditional, beauty that was self revealing, beauty that encompassed at all times her own reality and her own pain.  after her death, diego reportedly stated that he had realized too late that the most wonderful part of his life had been his love for her.