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genius is mysterious

24 Feb

i love me some winter olympics.  i love the speed skating and the snow boarding and the figure skating.  i love, love it. it’s always something to see people with that kind of passion. i’m pretty sure i’ve never cared about anything as much as these athletes care about their sport and it’s sort of beautiful to see them. and those faces when they know they’ve won. it kills me. i just sit on the couch and cry like i actually know every step they’ve made, every work-out they’ve been to, all the sweat and tears and i revel in that moment with them.





and although rochette has not medaled yet, she certainly is a champion. i was really moved by her performance last night and when scott hamilton became choked up, i pretty much lost it.

and just a little word about the gays, there are very few out-out olympians, but this year a pride center in vancouver opened it’s doors for the festivities, with a message that all are welcome. and that’s real nice.