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music mommas

1 Feb

of course the grammy’s were on last night, and i died over gaga’s performance with elton john and beyonce singing alanis morisette was a real good time, and then there is, of course, Pink! now i’m not here to defend her obviously skinnier look, her new love of trapeze-ness, or her flashdance hair-whip hanging from the rafters of the staples center, BUT i will say that song pretty much slays me everytime.

but today music mommas is about one of the lifetime achievement recipients: miss loretta lynn. i love how she tells the story of her life through her music and as she says, “both wrote ’em and sang ’em.” really a country girl that sang about women’s issues: divorce, raising kids, working, cheating, the pill, (which was controversial and was banned from numerous radio stations)- to name just a few topics. but more then anything, this woman can sing. really sing.

apparently she will be a performer in lilith fair. from billboard magazine: “I’m happy they wanted me on this Lilith tour,” country legend Lynn said in a statement. “I have never done shows just with other girl singers before. When I first started out, they said girl singers couldn’t sell records or concert tickets. We’ve come a long way since then and we’re gonna have a big time out there!”

pretty in pink

31 Mar

i’m in love.  i’m in love with pink. can we take a moment?  because there is this issue of pink bows on certain pink bums that we need to take a look at.  i also feel like i’m going through some sort of second adolescence because i want a tattoo, wear short shorts and listen to pop music.  please watch for my favorite pink moment- this video kills me, especially when she basically has sex with herself.  god bless.  click here: sober