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mr. kinsey what do women want?

25 Mar


Move over Kinsey, Ms. Meredith Chivers is here to answer that question.  The New York Times printed an article called, What Do Women Want? and it is a must read.  Dr. Chivers has been conducting sex research with both males and females of all sexual orientations and has some fascinating results.  Essentially she has found that what men say they are attracted to usually matches up with how they respond sexually or genitally.  (They are actually hooked up to a device that measures the erection of the penis).  But women!  oh women!  Women were also hooked up to a device that measured swelling in the vagina and also lubrication.  Women, who identified as straight or gay showed, on the whole, genital arousal when the images projected men with men, women with women and women with men!  Straight women in particular it was noted often did not match up with what they said was turning them on and what their genitals were actually indicating was turning them on! oh how i love this.  Now the article goes on to explore some pertinent and fascinating theories as to why this might be occurring for women, including some primitive biological reasons.  The article quotes Lisa Diamond and Marta Meana who are experts in the research of women’s sexuality and female desire.  All three women conclude that sexuality for women is far more complex then we really know and at this point, scientifically we are still really in the beginning stages of figuring it out.

So what do I want? I can’t answer for all women, but what this women wants is respect, love, and less judgment about who I want to be with and why.