comparative analysis

15 Jun

let’s call this little pride and big pride. little pride is a bit home townsy. that is too say more crew cuts on women. also more children and incidentally more dogs. the crowd is a bit more sober. there are still drag queens, there are still stages with music and parades and festival food. oh and there are still haters.

sign reads: homo churches are devilish. good one. look how quaint pride looks in small town:

there was also a lot more volunteering and a whole lot less drinking for this queer gal.

so then big pride arrived. which consisted of a lot more celebrities, massive quantities of booze and if it was possible to have more rainbows, big city won that contest! also dykes on bikes!

johnny weir!my favorite dancers!

and this guy!

but above all else there were friends, lots and lots of lovely lesbians, gays and straights- which is ultimately why big city pride wins every single year.




hi my name is barbie and i’m a lesbaholic.

9 Jun

what better way to pass the time between small town gay pride and big town gay pride?

how about an L Word marathon?!!?!?! good god it was such a good show. i stand by season 2 though, it’s just so fucking brilliant.


and this is why jenny was such a great character.

and season three was pretty great.

miss you dana~

and carmen- a gift from god

and i completely forgot max was moira- such an important storyline guys.

i’m so gay right now.

it’s that time a year

2 Jun

that’s right, pride time! i like it so much cause it means summer is here. pretty excited cause roseanne barr is the grand marshall this year. i seriously grew up on her show. and i wanted to be and/or date darlene real bad. i know roseanne has done some crazy shit (like literally not a sane person), but she’s also been a gay and lesbian advocate, in her own special way. also she may be crass and unconventional but she altered t.v.- back in the day family sitcoms were all about happily married, clean cut kids struggling with whether or not to cheat on their math exam. roseanne talked about domestic violence, cheating, bankruptcy, etc. it was raw. it was funny. i’m excited to see her face tomorrow!

happy pride season ya’ll!

fabulous momma

27 May

that’s the condensed form of fridays are fucking fabulous with music mommas. it’s a holiday weekend ya’ll and i’m getting out of dodge (or sort of going into dodge, but whatevs it will be fun!)  i love this video with beautiful women dancing around in their old lady undies. enjoy!

22 May

happy harvey milk day california! i was so caught up in my celebration of harvey milk day that i totally forgot to remember rapture was happening yesterday. to sum up my feelings on the whole thing i think i shall share a quote from barbarella, queen of the galaxy:

Dildano: Earth! Planet of the revolutions! W-w-will you join our cause?
Barbarella: What cause? Who are you?
yup, and that there sums it up pretty well.
thanks again barb-

warning: lots of white guys in this post

17 May

did you all know that judge vaughn walker of prop 8 trial fame, came out? yeah. i know, i clearly have no idea what’s going on in the world. of course, peeps are all pissed saying of course he overturned the prop cause he gay and stuff. p.s. the stand on the overturn is still standing. so yeah, thanks CA supreme court for acting so speedily on this one.

and now bill clinton is supporting new york gay marriage. let’s just take a moment and think about how insane it is- the man behind don’t ask don’t tell. but whatevs. don’t even get me started on dadt.

and did you hear about the olympic chief who just stepped down from his post from the 2012 u.s. olympic team cause he’s a loud mormon who was involved in the prop 8 campaign? some louder olympians were not happy about his anti gay beliefs especially the young johnny weir, so eventually he had to go i guess.

he said, “i wish my personal religious beliefs would not have become a distraction from the amazing things that are happening in the olympic movement in the united states.” yeah. i actually wish that too. i really do.

Ye who have chosen to die, be welcome!

7 May

are you ready for some serious bad assery? well then, here you go…

and also:

you all know how i feel about cate blanchett, even when she’s a neurotic tooth brush sociopath- still love her and those prada shoes. but wee saoirse ronan is the one who stole the show. i went to this movie right on the heels of reading the hunger game series (judge if you must, but read em cause they’re teen riot grll that puts bella from twitlight to shame).

she’ll kill you, but only cause your a bad guy. i just love stories about girls and women who kick some ass, basically girl kick assery is my favorite genre.

p.s. chemical brothers! i totally forgot we used to party, good times revisiting and job well done with this flick!

1 May

 INTERVIEWER: What is the craziest thing you ever did to get a guy to notice you?
AMY POEHLER: I had no idea how to get guys to notice me. I still don’t. Who cares?

i just had to reblog this. (i don’t have a sweet tumblr account where i can just press a button and voila reblogged, but i want to give credit to where i saw this: thanks trace a line.)

new beginnings

24 Apr

easter is really about candy and ham for me. but it is springtime and things are blooming and it all feels so…. fresh. it’s got me thinking.

do you ever have those moments where you realize you know nothing? just when you think you know. you don’t. and actually it’s not at all frustrating, it’s enlightening in it’s way. sort of like, oh…yeah. i’ve got a lot to do still. a lot to see. a lot to learn. and i should probably shut my face more often then not.

speaking of shutting faces- this lady Louis J. Marinelli worked for the national organization for marriage, which is essentially an anti-gay “organization” specifically targeting LGBT peeps who want to get married. anyway, she worked for them for 5 years and then had a come to baby jesus moment where she realized she was WRONG. that’s rights gays, she was wrong, she acknowledged it and apologized. she said she had a change of heart because during her time being a hater she met a lot of gays who were kind and apolitical, simply normal people wanting to get married.

huh. well there you go. sometimes we’re wrong and we have to say sorry. it’s a tough lesson. and even though sometimes that word feels meaningless, it’s not. it’s not at all.

big girls

13 Apr

i’ve been thinking a lot about body image and how that effects sexuality. in some ways i think it does a whole lot because although i believe sexuality is mostly inherently biological i do also of course believe that our sexuality is massively based on our upbringing and to make it even more confusing it’s psychological. in other words we see ourselves how we believe others perceive us, even if it’s not realistic.

i’m a curvy gal. i like curves. i love hips and breasts, a bit of belly and ass. i do. i like when a lady is soft. i like to be soft. and it’s taken me a long time to get more comfortable with my body. am i happy with it? naw. but i’m learning to be nicer to my body. i’m learning to listen to it and god help me i’m learning to appreciate it! to celebrate curves here are some gorgeous women for your viewing pleasure.

that makes me happy

she’s not scared to look good in a bathing suit

yay! even big [READ: normal] girls like to pose in fake lesbian-like moments. hoorah!

images borrowed from here.