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music mommas

7 Jun

scissor sisters. they are pretty much rad just because of their name, which yes, in case you were wondering is an homage to a lesbian sex act. (writing that felt really 1950s- lesbian sex act). they are just this really fun band that doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously. with super fun songs, like i don’t feel like dancin and can’t say tits on the radio. plus they have some openly gay band members, which i always appreciate. also a real pretty front lady, ana matronic. she herself, has an interesting story. her parents divorced when she was younger as her dad was gay and tragically died due to complications with AIDS. sad.

whenever i put on one of their songs it take me to a different time in my life.  not sure how to explain it, but it’s this fun early 20s time, traveling and going to clubs, donning lots of glitter and trying my damnest to figure out my own style and way. i like how this band is a throw back to fun glam rock and plays around with gender. par example from she’s my man:

She’s my man
And we got all the balls we need
When you taste that pavement
You’re amazed
She smells your sympathy
So bye bye ladies
May the best queen hold the crown
For the most bush sold on the levee

this dress absolutely slays me. she’s such a cool lady with such cool style. and fyi scissoring is rad.