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music mommas

14 Nov

after watching tina fey receive the mark twain award, there is really no way i couldn’t write about the lovely jennifer hudson. just, just listen.

i was going to blog about other former american idol-ers, because i watched the cma’s this week, but then i heard miss hudson and there was no way i couldn’t say, fuck yeah lady, sing it! she just sounded phenomenal and looked good too- even though i fear she may have stopped eating.

and just cause beyonce’s in this pic, i had to share

and congrats tina! you are a role model and glass ceiling crasher- thanks for your perseverance and example. love you.

music mommas

29 Mar

woa! this day is half way over and i’m just barely through my emails, so in the vein of catching up, how about a little telephone. featuring two of barbarella’s favorite mommas- lady gaga and beyonce.

click on that above link because for some reason i can’t figure out how to post it and i’m too busy to figure it out and i will start swearing soon, but enjoy these pics instead and note the fantastic hot mess prison scene in the video.

music mommas

1 Feb

of course the grammy’s were on last night, and i died over gaga’s performance with elton john and beyonce singing alanis morisette was a real good time, and then there is, of course, Pink! now i’m not here to defend her obviously skinnier look, her new love of trapeze-ness, or her flashdance hair-whip hanging from the rafters of the staples center, BUT i will say that song pretty much slays me everytime.

but today music mommas is about one of the lifetime achievement recipients: miss loretta lynn. i love how she tells the story of her life through her music and as she says, “both wrote ’em and sang ’em.” really a country girl that sang about women’s issues: divorce, raising kids, working, cheating, the pill, (which was controversial and was banned from numerous radio stations)- to name just a few topics. but more then anything, this woman can sing. really sing.

apparently she will be a performer in lilith fair. from billboard magazine: “I’m happy they wanted me on this Lilith tour,” country legend Lynn said in a statement. “I have never done shows just with other girl singers before. When I first started out, they said girl singers couldn’t sell records or concert tickets. We’ve come a long way since then and we’re gonna have a big time out there!”

hello, pretty pretty

6 Apr

so there is all this buzz about Virgil Griffith’s so called study relating IQ to music preference. it’s sort of ridiculous in a lot of ways and in some other ways even a bit racist (willing to bet Virgil is a Beethoven listening white guy). basically his study indicates that people with high IQ’s listen to classical music and indie music.  people with low IQ’s listen to beyonce and lil wayne. well being that i listen to radiohead and beyonce- what does that say about me? really virgil, i’d like to know.  but seriously if beyonce makes you dumb, then sign me up because i am stupid crazy over this video. like slobbering stupid. enjoy!