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harvey milk day

23 May

it’s true. it was harvey milk day yesterday. may 22nd, which would have been harvey milk’s 80th birthday. president obama awarded milk the presidential medal of freedom last summer. in a way, forcing governor schwarzenegger to sign sentator mark leno’s harvey milk day bill– which he had previously vetoed.

the day was marked with advocacy and celebration. some of which i was able to take part in. equality california hosted a small party at the home of sharon and kelli osborne.

sharon osborne and state senator mark leno:

daniele sea (swoon!) and kelli osborne:

mom and daughter (tout sweet!):

stuart milk, harvey’s nephew, spoke about his work around the world. he stressed the importance of making this a global cause. and how, as we know, in some countries being gay is punishable by death.

i recently stumbled upon this new movie called Cul de Sac (thanks to girlfriendisahomo.com). this movie is closely related the actress kiana firouz’s actual life. by making this movie and living as an “out” lesbian currently in the UK, she has put her life in danger. she applied for asylum in the UK which was denied, including two subsequent appeals. should kiana be deported she fears she will be imprisoned, flogged, tortured, and killed- due to the negative light in which the film protrays the current regime in iran.

you can sign an online petition here for kiana.