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comparative analysis

15 Jun

let’s call this little pride and big pride. little pride is a bit home townsy. that is too say more crew cuts on women. also more children and incidentally more dogs. the crowd is a bit more sober. there are still drag queens, there are still stages with music and parades and festival food. oh and there are still haters.

sign reads: homo churches are devilish. good one. look how quaint pride looks in small town:

there was also a lot more volunteering and a whole lot less drinking for this queer gal.

so then big pride arrived. which consisted of a lot more celebrities, massive quantities of booze and if it was possible to have more rainbows, big city won that contest! also dykes on bikes!

johnny weir!my favorite dancers!

and this guy!

but above all else there were friends, lots and lots of lovely lesbians, gays and straights- which is ultimately why big city pride wins every single year.



hi my name is barbie and i’m a lesbaholic.

9 Jun

what better way to pass the time between small town gay pride and big town gay pride?

how about an L Word marathon?!!?!?! good god it was such a good show. i stand by season 2 though, it’s just so fucking brilliant.


and this is why jenny was such a great character.

and season three was pretty great.

miss you dana~

and carmen- a gift from god

and i completely forgot max was moira- such an important storyline guys.

i’m so gay right now.