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i am so yours

9 Mar

basically the only reason i still watch glee is so that i can from time to time spy the casual flirtation between brittney and santana. last night was basically all i needed to keep me going for another season (which can be quite painful at times).  i was watching the show with a bunch of straights who all commented afterwards that they just didn’t really buy santana as being with brittney or as a lesbian. which of course, was one of the themes of last night’s show: labels.

ugh. why not buy it? why fucking not? i was too tired and defensive to make any comments, so with my tail between my legs, i went home. but you know what? i buy it. and i love it. and i love how santana talked about how she is so angry because she has these feelings and she doesn’t know what to do with them. um…yeah. you know, thanks for saying that santana, because it is confusing. it’s confusing when you don’t fit into labels and ideas of what a lesbian is or how one should act. when you are just a cheerleader and trying to play an entirely different role, it’s even harder.

besides who wouldn’t love this woman? sheesh!

poppa and preachin’

27 May

what is a gayish blog doing if it has not yet blogged about glee? sigh. so here it is: glee is a show that i sometimes like and sometimes hate. i like that it’s out there. i like that it talks about sexuality. i like that there are gay actors that play gays (and straights for that matter). i like that there is music and drama and costume. i think it’s fun. and when i was in high school most of my friends were in the drama department. to clarify- i was not. but i did hang out over there a lot. so let’s just say i have glee tendencies. on the other hand, sometimes i do not find the show very entertaining. i don’t always like the “plots” or the music or dialogue. for me, sometimes it hits it, sometimes it doesn’t. last night, it hit it. (well with the exception of that beth song-booring).


it’s a word with baggage. and it was said last night on primetime television. now there are a lot of opinions about the semantics of name calling and sexuality and teenage jargon and i could go on and on, but the point is this: we are responsible for the words that come out of our mouths. i’m not sure how well this scene plays out of context, but know this: any parent should take the time to provide a safe and comfortable place for their child and kurt’s dad makes it clear that this is his priority.

don’t worry, finn is a good boy and shows what a sport he is by donning gaga garb later on in the show.