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just a monday night

12 Sep

my town shows a free lgbt film on the second monday of every month and tonight they featured the acclaimed Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement. a short and poignant documentary that really gets to the meat of marriage as a right. i was so profoundly touched by this film. there were only 12-15 people in the dark theater with me, but based on muffled noises and hurried searches for kleenex, it was clear that most of us were effected similarly by the love story that is Edie & Thea.

right now it is very important for me to see examples of healthy, lasting gay relationships. i was chatting with a friend the other day and she was quite astonished that i had such a bleak and mistrusting take on intimacy. particularly my stance that cheating is fairly common. said friend really challenged what she considers to be my largely erroneous and misguided stance. admittedly, it is based on my own experience, which is limited, but not terribly positive. i wonder about what sort of creature i am. a creature that was hurt in love and now bases most things on that one incredibly unhealthy and painful experience? hence, the need for me to see good examples. i was so touched by this story about two women who loved each other so much. and i’d like to believe, faithfully. such smart, gorgeous, fashionable women. thank you E and T, i really needed this. thank you for an example of love.

directed by the talented susan muska and greata olafsdottir, also partners.