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oh hi

26 May

what’s up missy?

i’m a fan. i like your vest. and i just so happen to think you are super hot, mostly because i saw your movie stick it and besides being very witty, sporty and a coming of age story that has nothing to do with the girl getting the guy, you looked good, real good.  i may be the only person on earth who saw this movie in the theater, bought the dvd and listened to the commentary, which is a shame because in all sincerity it is a very good movie. missy worked out with gymnasts on a scary gymnast compound for four months. she ate a special low carb diet and participated in a grueling 4-6 hour work out session daily. fortunately, we have the results recorded. the following is a scene i have watched a bazillion times. (i apologize in advance for the crack rock speed in which is plays- don’t know how to slow it down, but at least you see what i mean). you might have to click on it for it to start moving.

it’s a pretty well known fact that i like tweeny type movies. i like it when they are girl power movies with messages about loving yourself and accepting others. i suppose i don’t feel like i really had movies like that when i was a kid. or girls that looked like missy peregrym for that matter. i like girls that eat too.

so thanks Jessica Bendinger for directing AND writing a fabulous film. and a big thanks for introducing me to miss missy.