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long overdue

7 Oct

this post is long overdue as was this reception.  i know i normally keep this blog pretty fluffy, but every now and again i like to talk about some pertinent issues or events. and this is one of them:

on june 29, 2009 President Barack Obama held a reception for the LGBT community at the White House. the very first of it’s kind and marking the 40th anniversary to the Stonewall Riots.  President Obama, although he left some room for interpretation and was not as forthright about some things, was, quite frankly pretty progressive, considering all of the former receptions (none) at the White House. you can watch it yourself here:

quite frankly i was just thrilled that LGBT Pride Month was recognized by the White House.  i get frustrated with what i feel is lack of movement, but i have to remind myself that most often change comes incrementally.  this is a good example of that.

also refer to robyn ochs’s commentary here, as she was asked to be a guest at the reception, representing BiNet USA.