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another ms. taylor

14 Apr

look at this pretty lady:mariataylor1mariataylor_live_071 maria taylor.  i first discovered her on KCRW, a great local station in Los Angeles and her song Leap Year sort of moved me in a way.  i was in a relationship where i was really just waiting around.  part of me knew i should stop and walk away, but another part of me knew i just wasn’t going to do that.  i recall talking to a friend who said, look you can fight it and fight it, but you are going to find yourself back in the same place over and over again.  so you can hang in there and fight it or you can go with it.  well that’s what i did.  maybe it was right, maybe it was wrong, who knows.  taylor’s lyric: “i will wait for you, but please come soon” got me through my hour commute each day.  she will be in my town in a couple of weeks at a very small venue-perhaps i should go and give her thanks for getting me through that moment in my life.  give her listen, she was at KCRW last week.  she also has a new album coming out.