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fridays are fucking fabulous

5 Nov

the weather is being back to gorgeous and sunny, so before that next storm rolls through it might be time to do a few things- like….

ride bikes like the queen

perhaps horse back riding? and since i watch oprah now i learned that this is what portia does to chill. thanks oprah!

or maybe i’ll just lay low and mix some drinks -ahem although not for that guy, but you know maddow’s in the pic, so….

or maybe i’ll just get crazy and go trapeze all weekend, dunk my body in a water tank and swirl upside down- i think it’ll be hot

happy weekend ladies!

fridays are fucking fabulous

30 Jul

well i’m moving again. not this weekend, but this weekend marks the mental preparation start date for said pending move. i’ve been in this apartment since last october and have managed to collect a lot of shit. i am commencing throwing away of shit starting tomorrow! before all of that i’m going to dinner tonight, and a mani/pedi with a lovely friend tomorrow, birthday party tomorrow night, some pool time sunday- oh man i might be too busy to start mentally preparing, might have to wait…..

today, instead of working i have mostly been fantasizing about how i want my life to be, sometimes. sometimes i want my life to be like this…. you know when you sit at a desk all day and your ass falls asleep? and people come in and out of your office asking mundane questions? and then someone asks you a question you actually have to think about? and then just like that, you sort of wake up and realize nope you don’t have a house in the country where you bake all day in your kitchen and your cool, super smart girlfriend does not bring home items from the grocery store for you. like this fabulous couple.

god i love them. god i want to be them. cause i imagine their life is perfect. even though that’s delusional, i still like to think it. why? suppose cause i want it.

she’s cute. and the house….awesome.

so yeah sometimes i want nothing more than to have a house, a kitchen, and a girlfriend. other days that thought makes me feel claustrophobic and weird, but not today. today, as i begin yet another transition in my life, i  yearn for something a little concrete, a little stable, and preferably someshe wearing glasses.