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fridays are fucking fabulous

25 Jun

what a week.

first of all, possibly the greatest television program ever written ended on sunday.

it was sexy. it was vengeful and hard to watch at times. but always entertaining. of course, the show was at it’s best when anne boleyn (played by the gorgeous natalie dormer) donned the television screen. the show had sustenance and appeal. in my opinion it accurately portrayed politics, which has often and almost always been run by the whims of men and their desire for power.

sadly tudors was followed by the real l word. um. not quite sure what to say here. well actually i have a lot to say. first of all could we get any more waspy and privilaged? i know, i know there is a latina and a jew. come on this is l.a., a major metropolitan city! there is a little bit of ethnicity here. but seriously, the labels that were flying around all willy nilly, as if these women were actually teaching america something about lesbos. nope. you aren’t helping. the fact is this: we are gay. and we are not exactly full citizens because of that. if you are in the public eye, proclaiming to be on a show that depicts the real lives of lesbians, you better fucking do that. do not fill it with fluff, meaningless sex, shallow and numerous bar scenes and think that by mentioning- that’s right just slipping in a comment about how your marriage is not recognized in this state, is enough because you were wrong. you have not done enough and in fact, you may have even caused damage. at the end of this crap fest, i turned to my roommate and said, my god every blessed lesbian feminist that lived and fought for so much of what we have 45 years ago just died a little bit. hey chaiken, we don’t need this backwards step- barb wire was enough.

this weekend will be all about enjoying the beginning of summer, seeing some family and friends and rejoicing that i am no longer a slave to showtime.