About Me Again

i must be going through a phase. it’s a phase where i move whenever i feel the slightest urge and change jobs at the drop of a hat. okay i’m a gonna be honest, i’ve been in this phase for about 10 years. i’m actually trying to move to the next level in my life and not in any weird scientology type of way.  enough with the phases. i’m back to therapizing and it’s hard and i’m tired most of the time. too tired to cook even, which is a bummer cause i like to cook. too tired to blog, which is stupid because it makes me feel like a normal human being in this weird sometimes claustrophobic town i live in. but i do love it. i love listening to people, i love thinking about making a drink when i get home, i love wearing sweaters, i love going to weird small town bars and meeting ladies who are truck drivers and miners and security guards. it’s weird. and it’s awesome. it’s just the path i’m on right now.

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