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fridays are fucking fabulous

29 Jan

often my weekends and my fridays in particular consist of mexican food. tonight will not be the exception. thank god. my love for mexican food is a passionate, delicious one and all the better when shared with friends venturing in from out of town.

and for your fancy, here are some gorgeous mexican ladies:
remember when salma played frida? that was amazing.

and you know how i feel about frida:

dolores del rio- who was friends with both greta garbo and marlene dietrich. just sayin.

michelle rodriguez, i know, i know she’s says she straight, fine. cool, whatever.

barbarella is not the only one

28 Jan

i try to keep this a nice place. if i don’t particularly care for a certain person, i don’t really feel the need to talk shit about them in the cyber world. in my home, on my couch, in my pjs? sure. i’m no saint. but because i can’t think of many nice things to say today, i decided to delve into the past for a bit. to keep it classy (and a little bit gay too).
the lovely greta garbo:

and the lovely barbara stanwyck

and the gorgeous marlene dietrich:

all rumored to be at the very least bisexual. awesome.

music mommas

25 Jan

over the summer i stayed with a friend in pasadena. she is this wonderfully gifted woman who is incredibly generous and both genteel with her outstanding manners and gorgeous pots of black tea, but also sardonically irreverent. i was laying on her couch in her wide open living room with the breeze fluttering through her white cotton curtains and i had one of those moments. you know those moments. all is right. it is peaceful. as i stared up at her wooded rafters, it was one of those times in my life that i wished to bottle up in a mason jar and open up on a different, less awesome day. and k.d. lang’s buttery voice was playing in the background. k.d. lang is that open mason jar.

fridays are fucking fabulous

22 Jan

this weekend is all about cleaning house.

don’t worry, we’re really broken so it’s okay.
i’ve been feeling real honest lately. i’m all about saying it like it is (or at least how i see it!) and i’m tired of wasting time with people in my life that make me feel bad or sad. i’m done. in the immortal words of Ouiser Boudreaux: “I’m not as sweet as I used to be.”

and a single lady.

20 Jan

i was able to catch up on some movies over the weekend, but this one- this was the one i’ve been saving up for the perfect day. it just so happened that sunday was the perfect day. i loved this movie. i love colin firth. i love tom ford. and i loved this story. A Single Man, as Tom Ford’s directorial debut, did not fail to impress- nor did it go without nominations for the golden globes. a small nod to all of the invisible minorities.

but my greatest love belongs to julianne moore. i remember the first time I saw her onscreen. i was probably 18 when boogie nights came out and she is what i remember from that movie, not the big, fake cock and just to clarify, i have no problem with big, fake cock, however i was crazy over amber waves.

love the freckles.

from the hours- another fave:

i can’t stop obsessing over her hair in this movie and where can i get lavender cigarettes?

music mommas

18 Jan

i’m having a mini high school reunion this weekend, so it got me thinking of oldies, but goodies. NOTE: following story is really nothing to be proud of, but i use the excuse of being young and dumb. it was somewhere between 1996 and 1998 in the dusty college town of tempe, arizona. there was very little to do, other than smoke pot, swim, watch movies and attend the occasional all ages show.

then one day lady miss kier rolled into town. we worshipped her. and why wouldn’t we really? the hair, the boots, the glitter. all so wonderful. my dear friend and perhaps the biggest fan of us all, however, had recently been picked up for some drug charge or another. he was in a court ordered drug rehab. so we did what any good friends would do. we waited until it was dark and we then we broke him out of rehab.

it was a great night and a great show. and my admiration for the delovely lady blossomed. as far as i know we were also able to safely redeposit friend to rehab, at least that’s the way my memory decides to recall those chain of events. all was well and happy.

she can get political too- always sticking up for gay rights and reminding us to vote:

fridays are fucking fabulous

15 Jan

because this friday has marked the day when i was finally brave enough to pound on my wall. you see i have the neighbors from the land of young and annoying. every single day i hear them fucking and a few times a week, fighting. and you may think that’s fine and dandy to hear someone fucking, but when it’s everyday and you hear that cliche bed squeak, it begins to make your blood run cold. so around 2:30 this friday morning during a marathon long fight about him cheating, i gave our wall a resounding three pounds. and you know what happened? they shut the fuck up. so here’s to me and finally sticking up for myself, behind a wall.

living in the time of bigotry

13 Jan

okay so it’s kind of a political week for me i guess. i’m just all into Perry v. Schwarzenegger. i’m really enjoying the live blogs from the courtroom and the people who have enough guts to get up on the stand and say, this is wrong. i am, however, disheartened by the fact that the trial is not being televised and not necessarily because i would be watching it, but for another reason entirely. the U.S. Supreme Court overruled federal Judge Walker’s decision to televise and why i wonder? there is talk that they were heavily influenced by prop 8 supporters. this means no matter what Judge Walker decides the U.S. Supreme Court can overthrow his decision. and maybe this is me being pessimistic or maybe this is me feeling vulnerable, but it is an odd feeling existing on a side where decisions that impact your life so personally are being decided by a bunch of judges you have never met. the thing is, i am no revolutionary. i see the flaws in our system and that it is often run by ego and monetary donations, however i have no suggestion for something better. i have no will to overthrow an entire process, i am more interested in working within what is already there and perhaps that makes me lazy. i also know that sometimes what i believe to be true and just is not always in accordance to what another may believe to be true and just and sadly this whole thing may not really be about civil rights and equality, but more about a flip of a coin.

now on the other hand, i am happy that i live in a time where people question “authority.” where litigation may be insidious, it still transforms. it makes me happy that people are passionate and fight for social justice. fear tactics and bible bellowing aside, an evolutionary scope dictates that change is inevitable. for me, that is comforting.

Just a moment — I’ll slip something on. Don’t trouble yourself. This is an affair of state.

11 Jan

music mommas is hereby preempted by the Prop 8 trial which began this morning at approximately 9 am in San Francisco.  i’m following The Seminal live blogging here.

so here we go again. judge walker may you do the right thing.

and ted olsen may your tongue be loose and representative of all of us, we are counting on you.

fridays are fucking fabulous

8 Jan

because it’s the first week into the new year and the first year in my 30s. i’m officially in my 30s.  a couple of weeks ago i was driving around town with a friend looking at christmas lights when quite unexpectedly, i freaked the fuck out.  pretty sure i scared him a little, but let’s be honest, i have been known to bust out in fits of tears now and again.  sometimes time comes crushing down on me and for the past few months i have had this weight on my shoulders.  how quickly it slips by and i have just barely, literally within weeks, figured out pieces about myself that seem very important.  so here we are in the car driving around homes with fancy christmas lights and no doubt high electricity bills when i blurt out how uncomfortable i am with my upcoming birthday. it’s like i am having a delayed adolescence and it’s scary to be the one that is late in the game. but then my birthday came and went and i’m happy to report i am o.k. i stumbled upon this lovely quote:

One of the signs of passing youth is the birth of a sense of fellowship with other human beings as we take our place among them– Virginia Woolf

and isn’t that so true?  i’ve always enjoyed getting older, learning more, loving more and finding my place and now more then ever i can embrace my place in time. in my 30s.

besides i share my sign with a lot of other great capicorns!  Patti Smith, Tracy Ullman, Simone de Beauvoir, Joan Baez, Joan of Arc, Ethel Merman and my very favorite- Dolly Parton.