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sleeping around

29 Jul


alright i know the megan fox statement is old news and she’s bisexual and all that. yes she’s super hot and she has also said some real curious stuff. and that magazine spread in esquire was a little weird i thought, but whatever.  ploy or not i don’t really care, usually i just like it when sexuality is being talked about. so this is what she said:

I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. But I’m also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man.

well, well, well look at that.  i have to admit i love this so very much. i get how this could offend some people and i get that she is a little brash (check out other fun things she has said, especially about passing gas).  but here’s the thing. she said it. i’ve been too scared to say it and i am merely an anonymous blogger.  so i say cheers! to megan fox, she’s brave or brutally honest or something and something is alright with me.

i don’t want to sleep with straight girls because they are 1) straight and 2) sleep with men.

i don’t love the idea of sleeping with bisexual women either because 1) they sleep with men.

i don’t love the idea of sleeping with bisexual men because 1) they sleep with men 2) i’m not sure i sleep with men

i don’t want to sleep with gay guys because 1) they are gay and 2) they sleep with men 3) i know i don’t sleep with gay men.

when X had informed me she had slept with her x (husband, that is) it totally freaked me out on many levels, because why did she really feel she needed to inform me of that and also why did i go ahead and listen and act like i was sort of okay with it cause let’s be real, i wasn’t.  anyway after X told me that over the phone i remember turning to my friend who was in the car with me and saying, “well that does it, i will never sleep with her again. it was bad enough that she was sleeping with all sorts of women, but men-that’s a different story.” the end.

oh and there are all sorts of sexy shots of megan fox floating around, but i chose the one above because i am a huge fan of crappy, disney teenage movies- this one is actually a fave- confessions of a teenage drama queen. bonus! it stars lindsay lohan! go ahead and judge i know you have some terrible movies in your netflix queue.

Are you typical of Earth women? Barbarella: I’m about average.

13 Jul

how do i come back from a 4 month hiatus?  first of all, a small recap is in order.  i graduated, passed my clinical exam, moved and decided to take back my life. so here’s to taking lives back! woohoo! so how might one do that exactly?  the following is how i’ve begun thus far: 1) calling 5 great gal pals to help me move- nothing like moving into a storage unit to give you the feeling of new beginnings. 2) free concert in the city and finally 3) developing a new crush. bonus: saw said crush at free concert, which led to an interesting conversation with friends about how one girl might know if another girl is into girls.  i find it to be a bit tricky. sometimes stereotypes work: converse, trimmed nails and short hair, but then again not always (like myself, for example).

and here is where i give a shout out to androgynous girls.  god how i love them. i’ve had my eye on this girlie for about 6 months alas she’s dating someone and i’m not walking down that road again. promise. pinky swear. so i’ll just keep going into her very out of the way coffee shop so i can swoon while she makes my mocha. in the mean time here are a few lovely ladies i just like to look at.

jenny shimizu

jenny shimizu

kate moennig

kate moennig

kim stolz

kim stolz