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warning: lots of white guys in this post

17 May

did you all know that judge vaughn walker of prop 8 trial fame, came out? yeah. i know, i clearly have no idea what’s going on in the world. of course, peeps are all pissed saying of course he overturned the prop cause he gay and stuff. p.s. the stand on the overturn is still standing. so yeah, thanks CA supreme court for acting so speedily on this one.

and now bill clinton is supporting new york gay marriage. let’s just take a moment and think about how insane it is- the man behind don’t ask don’t tell. but whatevs. don’t even get me started on dadt.

and did you hear about the olympic chief who just stepped down from his post from the 2012 u.s. olympic team cause he’s a loud mormon who was involved in the prop 8 campaign? some louder olympians were not happy about his anti gay beliefs especially the young johnny weir, so eventually he had to go i guess.

he said, “i wish my personal religious beliefs would not have become a distraction from the amazing things that are happening in the olympic movement in the united states.” yeah. i actually wish that too. i really do.

i did not see that coming

19 Dec

seriously. repealing don’t ask don’t tell?


too bad homophobia is so rampant and well, to put it bluntly life threatening.

i wonder if it was the reason bea arthur denied that she was ever a truck driver serving in the military. whether she was gay or not, i wonder if the idea that the perception that she might be a lesbian, was enough for her to deny that part of her life. probably we will never know. i might suspect though.

a lovely woman, nevertheless. like so many others….

okay those ladies above might not be lesbians, but they are ladies in the military, so..

cadet miller is in fact a lesbian

and tasha, god how i loved tasha with her fabulous laugh.

and if you’d like to read something really disturbing, help yourself here.  it will make you want to poke out your eyes and wonder what the fuck kind of world we live in.

You mean they could still be living in a primitive state of neurotic irresponsibility?

21 Jul

well sometimes things look up a little, if you could call it looking up, but the lovely constance mcmillen received a minor victory in court yesterday. reportedly she will be paid $35,000 to pay for her legal fees and her school must change it’s discrimination policies. which is important. her prom not so much. and i know it feels like it means a lot at the moment, but then some years pass and you don’t even fucking remember your prom or care to. just saying, although i doubt constance will be forgetting her’s anytime soon. way to fight lady.

in other gay news, elena kagan was approved by the senate committee on her nomination for the supreme court. it’s preliminary and there is some question to how committed she is, but she has spoken out against the don’t ask don’t tell policy and in fact said that it is “a profound wrong–a moral injustice in the first order.”

also a new poll regarding attitudes about same sex marriage indicate that a majority of californians approve of “gay marriage.” in fact a similar majority pre- the passage of proposition 8; which passed due largely to the funds from the mormon church. and just in case you are wondering, they are still at it. in argentina this time and still masking their faces, but we see you, we see you. and by the way argentina passed the law anyway, making it the first latin country to allow gay couples the same marital rights as straight couples. way to go argentina!