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Why would anybody want to invent a weapon?

24 Jul

there sure was a lot of sadness this weekend. i’m horrified by the tragedy in norway.

and my heart hurts for the family of amy winehouse.

this blog is a space for me to express some thoughts on sexuality, or more specifically my sexuality. i like to keep it fairly light usually and i realize that the whole world doesn’t revolve around sex or sexual orientation. but i also know that addiction and extremism are often the result of unresolved pain and misunderstanding. i’m not making any excuses for those who intentionally take the lives of others- to be clear. but i feel sad for the victims of the lives that were lost over the weekend. and i feel confused about those who were involved in taking those lives. it’s hard to think about because it’s hate. and hate is the catalyst for self destruction, murder, homophobia and all those other ugly things in the world. i suppose my blog is not just a place for me to write about sexuality, it’s also a place for me to think about the things that make me, me. i’m proud to say that love is very much a part of me.


18 Jul

well good job japan

but seriously what a bummer. i’ll miss watching these women play. they are amazing and strong and gorgeous and job well done to each and every one of them. but especially to abby wambach, a real pleasure to watch.and let’s just remember this epic moment against brazil last week

see you in four years!

Yes. And you are the girl who must do it.

14 Jul

sometimes i have dreams that i’m this tremendously fit athlete. i can run lots. i can fly. but i never have dreams that my head can smack balls with incredible accuracy. i bet Abby Wambach does though.

uh that was amazing.

let’s break it down:

hot women

passionate women

winning women

look at this cutie pic of Wamback and Hope Solo (god even her name is cool). they just look so happy.

this also reminded me of that epic moment in women’s soccer when Brandi Chastain celebrated Team USA’s 1999 win by taking off her shirt. thank you baby jesus.

yup, this was a good time Team USA. Well done ladies!!!

footnote**** this sunday game also inspired me to quit dreaming and start winning with…..


that’s right i joined a WAKA team cause i’m ready to kick some balls.

more footnote***** also please check out Dorothy Surrenders post on Team USA. She has wonderful pics of the ladies “hugging each other with their legs in sportsmanship.”

stone cold awesome

10 Jul

could this gal be any cooler? she recently did an interview with the advocate with fun quotes like this:

Instead of boy-crazy girly girls, you often play these strong, independent women with an edgy tomboy quality, which has certainly endeared you to lesbian fans.
Really? Oh, I’m so flattered. The tomboy quality is probably coincidental just due to the fact that my voice hits male octaves most of the time. I don’t really think about it — I just respond to what I read — but I must be subconsciously drawn to women who, even if they don’t necessarily have their shit together, are secure within themselves and don’t need a man to fix them.

amen sista.

oh and this:

Do you have a girl crush?
Christina Hendricks. It’s a no-brainer. Everything about her does it for me. That’s my kind of woman.

yeah. hendricks is good one.

and this one is an added bonus cause anna faris is involved, man i love her. so much.

i like what your doin in hollywood emma stone, keep it up lady!

independent music momma

4 Jul

i did something pretty “american” today. i decided to go visit my parents for the weekend which means roadtrip! i really do love to drive in the summer time. the landscape is so beautiful. fields and moutains and wandering horses. spontaneous summer rain storms and of course road trip music. on my way home i listened to bon iver’s new album over and over again. there is something magical about driving, it’s almost like meditating. the hours sort of slip away and you are left with only your thoughts. and let’s be honest, sometimes our thoughts are not the best company. but halocene- arguably the best song on the album, simply unraveled in my mind and allowed for a serene moment with myself. music as freeing and beautiful as anything else i’ve experienced.  all that in a four hour drive.

and yes, i know he’s not technically a music “momma” but i think he could hang just fine with the ladies!