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fridays are fucking fabulous

16 Jul

Outfest 2010.

it’s all happening. well…it’s been happening, but i haven’t exactly made my way around to see anything yet, however that will all change this weekend! now most major cities have an lgbt film festival, so get out there and find yours! i mean even salt lake had one.

this particular festival in l.a. offers, coming out in hollywood, a panel in which there is discussion about doing just that, jane lynch and meredith baxter have and will contribute to this discussion. it reminds me of the interview Portia de Rossi did with the Advocate where she talked about all the closeted gays in hollywood.

as quoted from the article- She makes another straightforward “case closed” argument for actors coming out, usual Hollywood scare tactics be damned. “People say, ‘There are lots of openly gay actors.’ And I’m like, who? If everybody I knew that was gay and not being open about it came out, it would make a huge difference to people coming up as young actors in Hollywood. Huge. To producers, to people in casting. ”

and i would add that this would be HUGE for normal everyday peeps, those of us who watch these films. who can sit back and say this is a person who is gay and living their life, so maybe i can too. maybe there really is nothing to be hiding.

so who are all these gays that are not out? well i have a few on my list of obvious, but because coming out is a personal journey, that one can never really understand until one experiences it for oneself, i will keep my big mouth shut. for once.

instead i’m just going to go see some movies that are directed, produced and acted with real live gays who aren’t afraid to say it and live it.