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18 Jul

well good job japan

but seriously what a bummer. i’ll miss watching these women play. they are amazing and strong and gorgeous and job well done to each and every one of them. but especially to abby wambach, a real pleasure to watch.and let’s just remember this epic moment against brazil last week

see you in four years!

Yes. And you are the girl who must do it.

14 Jul

sometimes i have dreams that i’m this tremendously fit athlete. i can run lots. i can fly. but i never have dreams that my head can smack balls with incredible accuracy. i bet Abby Wambach does though.

uh that was amazing.

let’s break it down:

hot women

passionate women

winning women

look at this cutie pic of Wamback and Hope Solo (god even her name is cool). they just look so happy.

this also reminded me of that epic moment in women’s soccer when Brandi Chastain celebrated Team USA’s 1999 win by taking off her shirt. thank you baby jesus.

yup, this was a good time Team USA. Well done ladies!!!

footnote**** this sunday game also inspired me to quit dreaming and start winning with…..


that’s right i joined a WAKA team cause i’m ready to kick some balls.

more footnote***** also please check out Dorothy Surrenders post on Team USA. She has wonderful pics of the ladies “hugging each other with their legs in sportsmanship.”