vagina day

16 Feb

basically i’ve never really understood valentine’s day. i’ve never really celebrated v day. but now i’m working with a bunch of women who love valentine’s day. i showed up to work on monday with an office commandeered with cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries and pink lip glosses and heart shaped soaps and little valentine cards. despite myself, i got into it. and i get the whole argument that it’s a commercialized, made up holiday in order to get us to spend money, but then again i really like the idea of just having an excuse to celebrate. anything. i mean, who cares? who cares if it’s made up? who cares if your heart has been broken? or if you are single and despondent? (the two always coincide, by the way) it may just be a day to wear red and eat cupcakes, drink fizzy pink drinks and go to the vagina monologues with a bunch of single gays. when i think about it in those terms, hell ya! hell ya i’m down with valentine’s day.

bring on president’s day!


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